The Must Play Retro RPG of 2023!

When you're keeled over, hands on your knees, spitting out the grit that last monster knocked into your teeth, maybe then you'll understand. Shadows of Adam is no walk in the park. It's a new age retro RPG built for the modern era. Challenging battles, cryptic puzzles, and rapid fire plot keep your adrenaline pumping from start to finish in this nostalgia-provoking RPG.

Only $14.99

Getting to Know Team Something Classic

Question: Are you the indie studio responsible for Shadows of Adam?
Answer: That's right! And we enjoyed every moment of it! We're sick judge! Sick!
Question: Geez, chill out. I bet you guys have zero social life.
Answer: We're in a "holding pattern," okay?
Question: I hear your dog cries himself to sleep every night.
Answer: We thought that was the wind, and that's not really a question. Can we please stick to the format?
Question: I'll say whatever I want, you antisocial, make-dogs-cry washouts!
Answer: Someone get the ban hammer...

The Something Classic Crew

Josh Garlitz

Programmer, Developer

Tyler Mire

Composer, Micro Manager, Scolder of Josh

Tim Wendorf

Art Director/Artist

Luke Wacholtz

Writer, Level Designer, Self-Appointed Voice of Reason

Tyler Deren

Programmer, Technical Consultant, Canadian

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