Quartet (In Development)

TBRPG | PC | Mac | Nintendo Switch | In Development

Website: Quartet

Developed By: Something Classic Games

A series of train robberies leads to evidence of a government conspiracy. A mysterious deck of cards gives a young girl a vision of another world. A fleet of deadly airships burns a path across the Imperial frontier. The world’s unlikeliest hero manifests tremendous magical power. These stories intertwine in the world of Quartet. Before it is all over, the eight heroes will uncover how a secret, centuries-old conflict literally reshaped the world. Then they will have their own decision to make about the destiny of magic. Read More

My Familiar (In Development)

TBRPG | PC | Mac | Linux | Nintendo Switch | In Development

Website: My Familiar

Developed By: Something Classic Games, Swordmonkey Studios

Long ago, the familiars of Wish would climb Mt. Ren and when they were worthy, take passage on the airship Divine Bird, leaving the island and returning to the human world. Then one day, the lenti decided they would stop others from climbing the mountain, and force the populace into servitude. Since then, nobody has ascended and the population of Wish increased to such an extent that cities sprang up and a whole economy formed.

Welcome to Wish City!

In My Familiar, wake up as a fresh familiar on the shores of a mysterious island where the denizens are dark and corruption is king. Read More

For A Vast Future

TBRPG | PC | Nintendo Switch

Website: For A Vast Future

Developed By: Retreaux Games, Something Classic Games

War has ended in Seralia, but the scars are far from healed.

Decades of fighting have ended in a stalemate. The citizens are left to pick up the pieces. Precocious teenager Chel embarks on a cross-country trip to track down her family and unravel the secrets of a missing generation. Along the way, she meets loyal comrades and other-wordly foes. Seralia may be in ruins, but a new day is dawning.

Explore a dystopian landscape with a mix of archaic and fantastical technology. Build weapons from scrap parts and put them to use in battle. Recruit companions, travel in style with speedy vehicles, and keep track of your quests in your handy logbook as you uncover the depths of a vast government conspiracy.

For a Vast Future, coming 2022 for the PC and Nintendo Switch. Read More

Pillars of Dust

TBRPG | PC | Nintendo Switch

Website: Pillars of Dust

Developed By: Something Classic Games, Retreaux Games

Step into the shoes of Prince Carlton and pauper Gregg as they make their separate ways through a forgotten kingdom. Guided by mysterious wise men, the two set out on adventures into the great unknown. Unbeknownst to each other, their paths run parallel.

With a variety of recruitable companions, countless secrets, and a non-linear character selection screen, no two runs of Pillars of Dust will be quite the same! Will you be the first to unlock the truths of Alluriga and get the coveted 100% completion? Read More

Shadows of Adam

TBRPG | PC | Mac | Linux | Nintendo Switch | Playstation4 | Physical

Website: Shadows of Adam

Developed By: Something Classic Games

Shadows of Adam is the self-proclaimed modern day successor to the oft-heralded classic JRPGs of the ‘90s. A shining example of sensibility through contemporary design: it takes antiquated systems tarnished by time and polishes them to a shining gold standard for the next generation of retro RPG gaming. Its incredible story is backed by world-class pixel art and nostalgia-inducing music that you’ll be humming for decades to come. Random encounters, mindless dungeons, and empty dialogue are all tossed aside, favoring instead, substance through simplicity: only the choicest cuts of story make the game; every battle provides a meaningful challenge; each map is its own expression of exploration and beauty. Read More

Shadows of Adam: Guild of the Artificers

DLC | DLC | Physical

Website: Shadows of Adam: Guild of the Artificers

Developed By: Something Classic Games

Picking up where Shadows of Adam left off, Guild of the Artificers will enchant players new and old with fresh content liberally placed throughout the core game every step of the way. The jam-packed DLC features 3 epic bosses, a battle arena, artifact crafting, dozens of new items and skills, and a magic dungeon sure to challenge even the most seasoned vet. If that’s not enough, players can experience the game in a brand new light by taking advantage of a novel take on the new game+ option. Read More

Shadows of Adam: The Official Player's Guide

Strategy Guide | DLC | Physical

Website: Shadows of Adam: The Official Player's Guide

Developed By: Something Classic Games

The Shadows of Adam - The Official Player's Guide is comprised of 60 full-color pages, complete with boss strategies, item tables, fabled secrets and full area maps. No Shadows of Adam collection is complete without this Official Player's Guide! Read More


Something Classic Games is a tiny independent video game developer with a team scattered across North America. We are dedicated to developing exceptional turn-based role-playing games with modern sensibilities. Our games are "designed for people with jobs", they are well polished titles that can be consumed piecemeal and are perfect for folks with limited time.

Founded in 2013, our first commercial title was Shadows of Adam released in 2017. Since then, we have grown into a small independent game publisher and a work for hire development company. Our first published title was Pillars of Dust by Retreaux Games and our first work for hire project is the upcoming RPG, My Familiar.

Feel free to peruse our games, check out our press kit or join our thriving Discord community.

digital collage


“I like to do things.”

Josh Garlitz


“Art is my passion”

Tim Wendorf

Art Director

“I like hockey”

Tyler Deren

Canadian, Developer

“Jazz is the only real music”

Tyler Mire

Scolder of Josh, Composer


Luke Wacholtz

Self-Appointed Voice of Reason



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